Teatro Romano di Verona

Teatro Romana Verona

The oldest building in Verona

The Teatro Romano is the oldest building in Verona: in fact its construction dates back to the end of the 1st century BC. It was built close to San Pietro hill, in the northern part of the ancient city, using the natural slope of the land to build the tiers.

During the Middle Ages the theatre was damaged by floods and earthquakes, and finally buried by houses and convents.

At the end of the 19th century, thanks to the work of Andrea Monga, a doctor with a passion for archaeology, and to the Municipality of Verona, the area under which the theater had rested for almost two millennia was purchased, the huts that stood on the cavea and what remained of the Teatro Romano was brought to light.

Two buildings that survived the excavations for the recovery, the Convent of San Girolamo and the Church of Santi Siro and Libera, help make the scene even more evocative.

Besides being one of the most important archaological monuments in Verona, the Teatro Romano is part of the city’s Archaeological Musem and is still used as a theather space during the summer, hosting the Verona Theatrical Summer.


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