Intimissimi on Ice

Intimissimi on Ice Intimissimi on Ice was born on the wings of the success of the three previous editions of one of the most exciting and innovative ice shows, Opera on Ice, created and produced by Giulia Mancini and the company Opera on Ice.

In this new show great music, fashion and the magic of ice skating come together and create an unforgettable experience enhanced by special effects, sports and music star and a feminine and sensual approach to fashion, a perfect way to represent the Intimissimi world.

Sandro Veronesi, President of the Calzedonia Group, Opera on Ice and BWS are producer and co-executive producers.

Intimissimi on Ice is a spectacular event made in Italy, which becomes even more exciting by the evocative setting of Arena di Verona. The show allows Intimissimi to interact with the public through innovative communication channels and sharing emotions.
Sandro Veronesi

""Ice skating, one of the most artistic expression of sport, merges with opera and pop music in a perfect blend in order to create a format created specifically for Intimissimi. Every year we gather an extraordinary cast that enchants and excites the audience with the elegance, strength and lightness of their spins in the largest open-air opera theater in the world: Arena of Verona.
Giulia Mancini


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