Opera on Ice 2019

Opera on ice 2019

Opera on Ice 2018

opera on ice 2018

Opera on Ice 2013

opera on ice 2013

Opera on Ice 2012

opera on ice 2012

Opera on Ice 2011

opera on ice 2011

Intimissimi on Ice 2017

intimissimi on ice 2017

Intimissimi on Ice 2016

intimissimi 2016 bocelli kostner lambiel plushenko

Intimissimi on Ice 2015

intimissimi 2015

Intimissimi on Ice 2014

opera on ice 2014 giorgia anastacia

cinema on ice 2017

Cinema on Ice, the new format where figure skating champions become actors on the ice, interpreting the most famous film scores of the most exciting movies around the world, with preference for those who have won Oscars.

intimissimi on ice

Intimissimi on Ice was born on the wings of the success of the three previous editions of one of the most exciting and innovative ice shows, "Opera on Ice", created and produced by Giulia Mancini and the company Opera on Ice.

Opera on Ice

Opera on Ice, conceived by Giulia Mancini, is the show that has fascinated world audiences since 2011: the union of ice skating and opera in the amazing setting of Arena di Verona, the biggest open-air lyrical theatre in the world.

I nostri format

Intimissimi on Ice 2017

Cinema On Ice 2016

Opera on Ice 2013

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